World’s weirdest trials

Here’s a top 10 for you with the weirdest, funniest and stupid trials in the World.

Number 10 is Timothy Dumouchel from Wisconsin. He sued a TV company because, he says, his wife got fat because she used to lay on the couch too long and watch TV shows produced by that company. This happened in 2004 and Timothy hired 2 lawyers to make justice. Fortunately for the company the trial never got to the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Wisconsin.

Ninth place goes to a woman from Brazil. The lady was upset because her partner couldn’t give her an orgasm. The 31 years old lady from Jundiai claimed that her 38 years old partner was always done too soon and seized any other sexual contact. The woman was frustrated because the man couldn’t make love to her anymore after he had reached an orgasm. Unfortunately for the lady, the judge was a man and she had to face the truth : her man wasn’t in his 20’s anymore so he couldn’t last for long. Let’s hope that she finally bought herself some sex toys.

Number 8 : In 2005 a Russian astrologist, Marina Bai, sued NASA because the lady thought that the American Spatial Agency was guilty of destroying the balance of the Universe. According to her sayings the spatial well Deep Impact, that was about to hit a comet, in 2005, to transmit data about her composition, was actually an “act of terrorism against the Universe“. A court from Moscow tried to make some light in this case but soon after the trial began the judge dropped the charges. Apparently the comet was unable to reach to the trial and testify. :)

Number 7 : This year (well, people are weird this year too!) in India some people got to court to judge if a vibrator condom is actually a contraceptive condom or just a sex toy. If you didn’t know, in India it is forbidden to sell and use sex toys. After all, we’re talking about Indians that worship cows. :)

Number six : In 2006 a young man from Jiaxing, China, offered his soul for bid on a website. Soon after that a court subpoenaed him for not asking for written approval from the guy in Heaven. This proves that God uses pen and paper!

The middle of our top 10 weirdest trials is set for Heather Specyalski from Connecticut. In May 2004 Heather was accused of killing her boyfriend, Neil Esposito. Nothing weird so far. Just wait till you hear. The prosecutors said that the victim, Neil, was kicked out of the car, while Heather was driving and after that she lost control of the car and hit a wall. The young lady pleaded not guilty and told the court that in fact her boyfriend was driving and she was giving him a good and healthy blow job, when the boy lost control of the car and crashed into the wall. The crime scene was in her favor. The victim was found out of the car, with his pants down off his ass. Here comes the funny and the weird part : the prosecutors tried to make jurors think that the victim wasn’t wearing his pants because he tried to take a piss out off the window and that he acted like an exhibitionist and wanted to show off his butt to drivers passing by. Fortunately the girl was found not guilty and managed to escape a sentence of 25 years of jail. At least he died as a happy, satisfied man!

Number 4 : In 1874 judge Francis Evans Cornish from Winnipeg, Canada, had to judge himself for getting drunk and disturbing the public order. After a fair trial he found himself guilty and convicted himself to pay a $5 fine and after that he gave the sentence : “Francis Evans Cornish, because of your good behavior until the unfortunate event, your fine is canceled”. Now that’s what I call an impartial Judge!

Number three : On this planet there are millions on people addicted to Internet. Some people are too addicted that somebody had to do something about it. For example a man from Zhengzhou, China wasn’t allowed to name his child@“. The reason is that “@” sign cannot be written in mandarin language. Perhaps he should have thought of calling his kid “E-mail“.

The second place: the most cruel judge ever could be A.K.M Patabendige from Walasmulla, Sri Lanka. This judge convicted a man because he yawned during a trial. The poor sleepyhead was convicted to one year in jail and of course his cell had a comfy bed included.

The award for the weirdest trial in the world goes to a romanian convict. In 2005 he sued God because, Pavel M. says, God didn’t respect all the things that were said at the man’s christening. It seems that Pavel was angry with God because He didn’t keep the man away from bad things that include stealing, raping and killing. Pavel also said that he gave God his prayers and in return God was supposed to protect him from evil. Well, the case was closed soon after the prosecutors realized that there’s no way God could come and attend the trial. In fact, the trial will be reopened on Judgment Day, in Heaven (or Hell, where he’s probably going to attend).

Lord, have mercy!

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