Wife divorce her hubby after a Second Life sex affair

I couldn’t believe this story! As some of you know, almost every day I read The Daily Mail. Today I was appalled by the story of the married couple, unemployed, Second Life addicted who decided to get a divorce after he cheated on her with various SL characters. Sounds like an Onion story!

Amy Taylor (28) and David Pollard (40) are the main characters in this story. They met in a chatroom (that’s a surprise, huh?!)  and in July 2005 they got married. Yes, they threw a big party in their virtual life as well.

(click on each photo for zoom) Images, obviously, via the Daily Mail

The red head woman is the assumed lady who had an sexual affair with David.

The dark haired woman is Amy, a way too different image of herself.

One day Amy caught her hubby, David, watching his avatar having sex with a prostitute. She got mad (as any woman would do) and hired a private online SL detective to spy on him.

A few months ago (April) she caught him having “virtual sex” with another player. Literally, they were talking sexually in the private chatroom.

Again, she got mad, he got angry and told her he doesn’t love her anymore. Bla, bla, bla! Finally, they decided to separate and Amy filed for divorce.

She now has another man in her life, a man she met while playing World of Warcraft (another addictive game!) and they’re doing just fine!

An honest advice for all of my readers: please don’t let yourself deceived by online stupid games! There are things far more important than playing these addictive games! Go out, enjoy life. Life is wonderful!

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