What happened in 2007

Massacres, bridges collapse, fire in the woods, deaths, prison, baby, success, drugs, music, bad karma it’s all I can think about when I say 2007.

Let’s see how things went this year.

January :

The 31-year old England captain, David Beckham signed a 5 year deal with Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy. Well it’s not the first time an englishman goes to America and this contract was a very smart move for the whole Beckham familyAn embarassed moment for Kelly Osbourne was when Hugh Heffner said he really doesn’t think that Kelly should pose for his famous magazine. The reason is that she would need „too much airbrushing”. Oops…
Jennifer Lopez managed to forbid her ex husband to publish a book that would affect her diva image, Lindsay went to AA meetings and a Angelina Jolie stars in a painting regarding the Virgin Mary.
Carlo Ponti, husband of Sofia Loren died. He was 94.

In February

Britney shaved her head and without wanting, she made some guys rich. Those guys released on the market a new doll: Britney Shears. Well, the doll is available only for mature persons!
Angelina Jolie was selected the sexiest person alive, a top 10 compiled by British TV network Channel 4. Also the hottie adopted another child, this time form Vietnam.
Anna Nicole Smith died and therefore the battle for the paternity of young Daniellyn begin.


Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan party all night long no matter what, Jessica Simpson gets laid but is too noisy and maybe because her father was angry with her because of the sex rumors Jessica bought him a Ferrari. Hugh Heffner still gets laid. Paris Hilton has sex and let’s herself taped, again. This time people thought the lucky guy to give Paris his lollypop is Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-lo. Some parts of Anna Nicole Smith’s diary appeared on the Internet and Tori Spelling gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy named Liam Aaron McDermott. Also Salma Hayek announced her pregnancy with businessman Francois-Henri Pinault.
Brad Delp, lead singer of Boston died. He was 55.


 According to Forbes magazine Tom Cruise is on top of World’s Most Powerful Celebrities and Jessica Alba is on the first place in 100 Sexiest Women in the World list, according to FHM magazine. Kate Hudson turned 28 and Paris Hilton parties on and on. Carmen Elektra is not a hot baywatch babe anymore because she forgot her costume for nude wrestling. Sheryl Crowe is on top of the Unlucky in Love list. Jennifer Lopez claims she’s not J-Lo anymore, she’s just Jennifer Lopez and she’s singing in spanish on her latest album „Como Ama Una Mujer (How a Woman Loves)”. Jennifer Aniston broke up with Vince Vaughn or maybe he broke up with her, it doesn’t matter anymore. Boris Yeltsin age 76,  Former Russian President, died.


Lindsay Lohan is proud of her latest movie, Georgia Rule. A fiasco, if my opinion counts. Britney is on the right way to the bottom and in the same time Salma Hayek is getting bigger by the minute. Lindsay Lohan tried to cut her wrists but her suicide attempt failed so she went back to rehab after getting into a car accident. Paris is enjoying her last free days. Jessica Simpson show more and more boobs. Brad and Angelina are travelling across Europe, in May they were in Prague. Andy Dick was caught snorting cocaine at a New York nightclub and Busta Rhymes is busted for drunk driving in New York. David Beckham turned 32. Wally Schirra, Original Mercury 7 astronaut who also flew in the Gemini and Apollo programs, died at age 84


Christina Aguilera’s belly is more and more visible. The rumors about pregnancy are becoming news. Britney Spears dropps out of shopping for a studio recording session. Paris Hilton does 23 days of prison. Yey! She deserves it! Hugh Heffner announces a movie about his wonderful life at the mansion. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have a thing together. Everybody is just curious about them. Well they do look cute together. Jordan poses naked while pregnant in 8 month. According to Forbes, Oprah Winfrey is on top of the annual Celebrity 100 list. Britney shows her boobs everytime she has the ocasion. Joel Siegel, longtime movie critic for “Good Morning America”, died at age 63.


TomKat is the new couple friend of  Beckham family. Madonna adopted a Malawian boy, David. Jennifer Lopez talks about her dream to become a mommy. Jessica Biel looked stonishing at the premiere of „I now pronunce you Chuck and Larry”. Salma Hayeck’s curves are the sexiest. Rumors about the Sex and the City movie are becoming more and more true. Jessica Simpson turned 27. The Hilton hoteld have been acquired by Blackstone. And the rumors about Christina Aguilera’s pregnancy have been confirmed and Jordan gave birth to a baby girl. Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson, former First Lady of the United States 1963-1969, died at age 94.


Cameron Diaz turned 35 and she still looks good. Angelina Jolie went to Iraq. Owen Wilson tried to suicide. Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil are fighting till blood pumps out. Merv Griffin, talk show host, game show creator (“Jeopardy”, “Wheel of Fortune”) and casino owner, died. He was 82.


George Clooney came up with the idea of opening a school for „toxic” people. O.J Simpson was arrested. Will Ferrel auctioned a role in his film and Oprah said she’ll leave $30 mil to her dogs. Britney goes out but leaves her panties home (again!). Angelina Jolie keeps on getting slimmer every day. Brigite Bardott turned 73 but she looks like she’s 83 or so. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrall keep on arguing on the set for Sex and the City, the movie. Alicia Silverstone decided to go naked to convince us that vegetable menu is actually great and healthy. Jessica Alba broke a tooth and Martin Scorsese decides to make a documentary about George Harrison, the former Beatles singer. George Clooney crashed his motocycle and Kate Moss tore a $6000 Christian Dior dress. The most important event of the month, the VMA’a were a complete fiasco. Tommy Lee and Kid Rock got into a fight, Britney did it again and her performance was far from being a succes. Luciano Pavoratti, legendary Italian tenor, died at age 71 also Marcel Marceau, legendary mime, died. He was 84.


Julia Roberts and Faith Jill turned 40 but they still look great. In California a fire was out of control and many people lost their houses. Borat became a daddy and David Copperfield was accused of sexually harassing a lady in the Bahamas. J.K Rowling shared the secret of Dumbledore with her fans : he’s gay! A judge decided that Britney Spears will no longer have the right to take her kids out because of refusing to do the drug test. Jorja Fox quit CSI team for other projects that had to be done before getting too old. Rapper T.I was arrested after police found three machine guns and two silencers in his car. Al Gore won the Nobel Prize and said he’s not going to run for precidency anymore. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi have split and Halle Berry announced that she’s going to be a mother next year. Joey Bishop, actor, comedian, last surviving member of the Rat Pack, died at 89.


Jennifer Garner was ellected Woman of The Year by Glamour Magazine and Lindsay Lohan upgraded her lips. Halle Berry is pregnant and she looks so cute and Lane Garrison aka „Tweener” from Fox Channel success Prison Break was convicted to 40 months of prison for driving under the influence of alcohol that lead to the death of a young student. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden hosted a baby shower. They are soon to be parents. Yeah, I know, another pregnant celebrity! Kanye West’s mother passed away. Mickey Rourke arrested for DUI driving Vespa. The event happened in Miami Beach. Rihanna admits dating Josh Hartnett and they do make a very lovely couple. A stupid paparazzi sued Keanu Reeves for negligence, claiming the actor improperly maintained his 1996 Porsche which grazed the photographer on March 19, 2007. Sarah Jessica Parker was voted The Unsexiest Woman Alive. Transformers star Shia LaBeouf was arrested after refusing to leave a Walgreens in Chicago and was accused with misdemeanor criminal trespassing. Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera finally confirm their pregnancies. Gen. Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay which dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, died at age 92.


Sean Penn and Robin split. Jessica Simpson’s movie, Blonde Ambition, is a total fiasco. Jessica Alba has confirmed that she’s pregnant and rumors has it that she’s engaged to her boyfriend and soon to be father Cash Warren. Britney fights Kevin over custody and Tara Reid gets slimmer and slimmer. Yuck! Also Lily Allen confirmed that she’s expecting a child next year. Better quit smiking then Lily girl! The surprise of the year : Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. The surprise is that the young lady is only 16. Still she made a fortune from selling the story to Ok! Magazine. Amy Winehouse is a wreck, I wonder why people do bother to listen to her music anymore?! Pamela Anderson got married and divorced to Rick Salomon. David Hasselhoff has been taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and Kiefer Sutherland is spending his jail time on laundry duty washing inmates sheets and underwear. Some rumors has it that Ricky Martin is gay! Oh, no. Another one?! Why? Spice Girls go on a tour, unfortunately for the girls people aren’t that happy to hear them sing again therefore the halls are only half full. Ike Turner, controversial Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, died. He was 76 and Tina can breath easily now!

Well I think that in 2007 the air was polluted and maybe that’s the reason that so many celebrities announced their going on motherhood. Also this year we’ve seen too many celebrities having troubles with the law so this means that they are also human and no one is above the law!

Have a great year and hope to hear only good stuff about your favorite stars in 2008!

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