Peeping at breasts

Some men are just obsessed with breasts. Younger, older, smaller or bigger it’s just a matter of taste. Some famous men were caught at peeping at some famous breasts, of course. For example, Mick Jagger was caught red handed when he was peeping at Dita Von Tees‘s breasts. She’s young, she’s famous and the Rolling Stones leader just couldn’t help himself from looking at those young, juicy breasts. And there’s nothing to be ashamed in that.

dita von teese look

Mariah Carey has lost her slim figure we all saw when the singer was only 20 but that doesn’t mean she’s not looking great while she’s in her 30’s. That’s the reason why Brian from Westlife peeped in Mariah’s décolletage. Simon Cowell, the American Idol jury wanted to take a small peep at Paula Abdul‘s breasts, I guess he just wanted to convince himself that Paula is still in a good shape.

Paula Abdul blue dress

Jennifer Connelly is one sexy lady with a brilliant mind and a generous … soul. At least that’s what Paul Bettany led up into believing after peeping at Jennifer’s “bags”. Another gifted actress is Jessica Biel. She’s hot but she could use some fashion tips, at least that’s what I thought when P. Diddy let his eye meet Jessica’s sweet breasts.

jessica biel

Although her breasts are not that big and nasty, Nicole Kidman‘s package was studied by mister Piano Man (I call him that way) Adrien Brody. Well maybe he just wanted something smaller and sweet. The dirty dancer, Patrick Swayze wanted to take a better look at Claire Sweeney‘s breasts so he took a deep look into her dress. Well she sure looked good!

Old habits die hard . I guess that’s why French actor Gerard Depardieu took a peep at Sophia Loren‘s package. She may be wrinkled but she still looks great.

sophia loren

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