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Brigitte Bardot turned 73!

Back then she was a true sex symbol, the “femme fatale”. Today, she’s unrecognizable. Brigitte and the French president, Nicholas Sazkozy met yesterday. Well the photos showed that Bardot is no longer a hot babe (how could she, at 73?!?) and the actress didn’t care too much for her looks. At 73 Brigitte Bardot is […]

Old troubles die hard!

As soon as they started filming for Sex and The City – the movie, the sex ladies began arguing and talk nasty to each other. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall are back to old habits and witnesses say they even argue on the set. The 2 actresses don’t speak to each other anymore. While […]

The naked truth from Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone gives us a clue why we shouldn’t eat so much meat. Well, I must admit she looks awesome so, I’m really starting to think more serious about becoming a vegetarian. How about you?

Sean Connery still a heartbreaker

    The Scottish actor Sean Connery is the men with the best taste when it comes to his appearance. For the last 50 years Sean was elected, by the “GQ” magazine, the most stylish man alive. I agree with that too. Although he’s in his 70’s, Sean Connery looks awesome every time he’s on […]

Jessica Alba broke her tooth

While filming a passionate scene for the movie “Good Luck Chuck”, Jessica Alba broke on of her front teeth. She and Dane Cook were kissing and during that extremely passionate kiss both of them suffered damages to their teeth, but Jessica ended up without one. And they say kissing isn’t dangerous. Maybe they’re both lousy […]

After rejecting the songs, Kylie heard them over the Internet

The minion Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue is set to release her tenth studio album this November. Well after she recorded the songs two of them didn’t seem to sound too good for Kylie so she decided to lose the songs and recorded other two.   The two songs were written and recorded with a […]

A George Harrison documentary by Scorsese

The famous director Martin Scorsese wants to direct a documentary over George Harrison’s life. The former Beatles member died in 2001 of lung cancer. George Harrison was one of the Fabulous Four and his songs composed during the Beatles period, such as “Here comes the sun”, will remain in the world music history, as well […]

He cares!

Will Ferrell isn’t a selfish person. He offered to auction a part in his latest movie and the money earned will go to Cancer for College foundation, a foundation run by a fraternity brother from University of Southern California. The lucky one who will get to star near Will is a 10 year old boy […]

Limping on the red carpet

Sarah Larson, George Clooney’s girlfriend had an outstanding appearance on the premiere on the movie Michael Clayton. She was limping off. Well, it’s really not her fault. Last week Larson and Clooney had a motorcycle accident. George broke a rib and had some scratches but Sarah broke her toe. Still, she looked outstanding. Interviewed by […]

Kate Moss did it again!

Supermodel Kate Moss, famous for her slim body and performances on the catwalk tore her 6,000$ Christian Dior dress. After the photos showing Kate taking drugs, everyone thought she was on her way to rehabilitation. The gorgeous top model arrived at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, to Golden Age of Couture VIP Gala […]